Frequently asked questions

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  • I want to install new games on my Swinxs
  • What does the ‘recycle’ icon mean?
  • Not enough space for a new game
  • How do I select a game on my Swinxs?
  • Choosing a card game
  • How can I install music on my Swinxs?
  • Can I create games for the Swinxs myself?

Using Swinxs

  • I would like to use Swinxs outside. Is this possible?
  • Switching Swinxs on
  • Shutting Swinxs off
  • How long can you play with the Swinxs?
  • Connecting Swinxs using the cable
  • I would like Swinxs to speak a different language.
  • Do you need a computer to use the Swinxs?

XS wristbands and players


  • Installing SwinxsLink
  • Why do I need SwinxsLink?
  • What does the icon colour mean?
  • SwinxsLink doesn’t recognise my Swinxs


Swinxs Troubleshooter

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The questions are of no help to me…


There is no swinxs connected.