Swinxs in the Dutch department stores De Bijenkorf

21 april 2008

Swinxs B.V. is a Dutch games developer. Swinxs develops games that encourage children to play actively and stimulate their imagination. The games often include an educational element.

Swinxs B.V. has introduced its first product, Swinxs, at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The new Swinxs console was introduced to the Dutch market, in combination with the Dutch department store De Bijenkorf  (The Beehive) in Amsterdam, in April 2008. Swinxs will be launched during several 'launch' weekends in De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den-Haag and Eindhoven.

The first Swinxs weekend started on 19 April at De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam, on the Dam 1. Children had the chance to play their first Swinxs games between 12.00 and 17.00 at the toy department of De Bijenkorf. Each child was given their own Swinxs XS to take part and a number of Swinxs consoles were given away. Well known television celebrity, Chris Silos, presented Swinxs in Amsterdam between 12.00 uur and 13.00


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