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Privacy policy Swinxs
When you are connected to the Swinxs website, Swinxs B.V. collects and processes information. This concerns your own personal information, when you register on this website. Below you can find out what kind of information this is, how and why we collect and use this information and how you can contact us to find out more about this.

If you are younger than 16, then you must let your parents know you are visiting this website and providing personal information. Your parents need to give permission for this. Without their permission you may not visit this site or provide personal information. If we are not sure if your parents have given permission, then we can carry out checks. If you do not understand this, or if you need more information, ask your parents to explain it to you.

Be aware of the dangers of publishing your details on the internet and never give out your real name, address or telephone number on pages that are accessible by everyone, such as, for example, the score page, your profile page or the forum. Only use your Swinxs user name on pages such as these. On these kind of pages do not give information about other people. Never agree to meet someone you only know on the internet.

We may review this policy from time to time. Therefore, you should check regularly if you are up to date and in agreement with our policy.

Which details and why
Each time you connect your Swinxs to your computer and go to the Swinxs website, we collect your IP address and the contents of your Swinxs including the scores you have reached using your XS and the date you reached the scores. These details are collected so that we can manage your Swinxs on the website and so we can carry out analysis to help us make improvements to our products and services, as legally permitted, for marketing and promotion.

If you register yourself on the website, we collect your email address, date of birth, and your first and last name. We use these details carefully. You also need to choose a user name and a password. You will use this name, for example, on the forum and if you post a message there. Therefore, do not use your own name here, but a Swinxs name and do not forget your password. Keep your password safe and make sure that nobody else has access to it.

We only ask you to give your address and telephone number, when you make a purchase on the Swinxs website. We then also need your payment details, such as credit card details and credit card owner. We need these details to process the payment of the product. We will save these details for our administration. If you make a purchase, then we will send confirmation via email to you or the owner of the credit card.

You can indicate if you would like to receive interesting information or offers from third parties. This can be via email or sms. You can indicate if would or would not like to receive information from a thrid party, on your profile page.

We use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information that are sent to your computer from our server. The next time you visit this website, our server can collect information about your activities on our website. This way we can provide a faster and better service. We also use this information to analyse our website. If you do not wish your computer to accept these cookies, you can set the settings on your computer so that you are warned when a cookie has been sent or turn off the setting to automatically accept cookies. If you do not accept cookies, the website, or parts of the website, may no longer function optimally.

We can record or save online communication, such as the forum, for example. We reserve our rights to remove any communication on the forum, that may be damaging to others or ourselves, insulting, obscene or discriminating.

If legally required or required by legal proceedings, we will use or release your details. We may do this to research complaints from or about you, or to protect your interests, ourselves, or third parties.

Who can access your details?
As well as certain people from Swinxs B.V., companies that process payments, the companies that contribute to this website and companies that process the newsletters for us (if you have registered for these), have access to your details. If you have indicated that you would like to receive information from third parties, the third parties may also receive your details. If this webiste is redirected to another site, Swinxs B.V. is not responsible for the privacy policy of other websites. Always check other websites for the rules that apply there and how your details are dealt with.

Changing or deleting your details
On your personal profile page you can easily look at or change the details you have filled in. If you would like to find out exactly what details have been collected about you, send an email to or a letter requesting the details. An overview will be sent to you. If you would like us to delete all your details and to stop collecting these, you can also send us an email or letter.

We take all reasonable precautions to protect your details. We are, for example, protected to reduce as much as possible the chance of unauthorized access to your details. That is why is is very important to keep your password secret, so that you are the only person who has access to your details. Although we make every effort to protect your details, we are unable to guarantee that your details will not be misused by third parties.

Swinxs B.V. is owner of this website.
Swinxs B.V. (The Netherlands) is located at: Oudenhof 14B, 4191 NW Geldermalsen. Tel: +31 (0)88 008 4144.
Swinxs B.V. is a 100% parent company of Swinxs inc.
Swinxs inc. (USA) is located at: 101 Federal Street - Suite 1900. Boston MA, 02110. Email:

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