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Swinxs is the first screen-free games console that can play games, talk, listen and keep you entertained for hours. The portable entertainment pod engages kids in physical, creative and educational play (including musical chairs, tag and relay ) by using its voice in combination with sounds and colors. Designed for ages four and above, Swinxs talks and explains games, recognizes players and even referees.


Swinxs consoleSwinxs Console
Swinxs is durable, lightweight water-resistant and cordless. Its long-lasting battery – approximately four hours of playtime – ensures hours of fun whether in the playroom, at the park or at the beach. While a single player mode is available, up to 10 children can play Swinxs at a time, making it a great option for birthday parties.



The fun and colorful wristbands communicate with Swinxs. Each player has their own colored band that starts games and keeps track of their own personal profile and scores. Swinxs wristbands encourage and enable children to play with their friends.

product siteSWINXS.COM
Connect your Swinxs to your computer using the USB-cable and you can download games for free and keep track of your personal scores. Players can challenge one another, exchange experiences and learn new tips and tricks.

The downloadable games are divided into age and category. The game's possibilities are endless and vary from traditional hide and seek to educational quizzes and adventurous games. The games can be downloaded free from this website. Stories and music can also be downloaded on the Swinxs, as well as games.

Purchasing a Swinxs costs $150. With each console you will receive, 4 Wristbands, a USB cable, an adapter (Swinxs has a battery), and 10 pre-installed games.


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