Terms of Use


Terms of use
The following terms of use are applicable to the entire Swinxs website. A parent or guardian should read these conditions and explain them to you. Use of the Swinxs website indicates you are in agreement with these conditions. Certain areas of the website can have additional conditions. These and the additional conditions can occasionally be changed or added to. You are required to read all the conditions to check if you are still in agreement with the conditions. Using the website after changes have been made to the conditions indicates you are in agreement with the changed conditions.

Swinxs B.V. makes every effort to ensure this website is suitable for children. Because not all content on the site originates from Swinxs B.V. and also because other users can upload content to the site, Swinxs can not guarantee that all content meets these requirements. Parents and/or guardians are required to monitor children’s use of the website, especially the areas in which users can upload their own texts and details. Read also our Privacy Policy. If you are of the opinion that areas of this website are not suitable for children, contact Swinxs B.V. (see contact details below, under these conditions).

In spite of the utmost care Swinxs B.V. takes in the content and management of its website, it is possible that the information contained is insufficient or incorrect. The (content of the) website is regularly changed. No rightscan be derived from the (content of the) website. Swinxs B.V. does not guarantee the uninterrupted functioning of the website or services which it delivers or uses. The website may contain links to third parties. Swinxs B.V. has no influence on such third party sites. Swinxs B.V. is not liable in any form of damage and/or other inconvenience connected to the use of the Swinxs website or websites from third parties.

(Intellectual property-)rights
All current and future (intellectual property-)rights of the material that appears on the website (which includes but is not limited to brands, models, logos, texts, games, game concepts, photos, films, data banks, music, voices, text and set up) is held by Swinxs B.V. and/or its related ventures. It is strictly forbidden for unauthorized persons to access this website for normal use, the use, publication and/or duplication of material without prior authorization from Swinxs B.V. and/or its affiliated parties.

Added Material
Some areas of the website allows you to add and/or supply material yourself, such as games, text, results, photos, etc. (from here on: the "Material"). When adding or supplying Material to the website you are required to take the following conditions into account.

No unauthorized Material may be added/supplied, which includes but is not limited to Material that is not within legal requirements and/or according to generally accepted standards (such as illegal Material or Material not within the privacy law, that violates others (intellectual property-)rights, pornographic or discriminatory Material, or other damaging Material that is offensive, insulting or distasteful or that can offend, such as Material concerning nationality, ethnic origins, gender, sexual orientation or faith).

You may not add/supply Material with commercial intent or that is of a commercial nature.

You may not add/supply Material that is or could be damaging to (the property of) Swinxs B.V. or third parties, such as Material containing viruses or that can effect the functioning of computers and/or other (electronic) appliances.

You may not add/supply unnecessary Material (for example, multiple similar messages or messages that are not relevant to the subject concerned).

By adding/supplying Material to the website you transfer, free of charge, all (intellectual property-)rights irrevocably and unconditionally to Swinxs B.V., which then has ownership of the Material. In the event this type of transfer has not already been effectuated through the addition/supply of Material, then you grant by adding/supplying Material to the Swinxs website B.V. free of charge irrevocably and unconditionally, world wide and unlimited license to use the Material in any manner under the applicable law, you have no claim on any moral rights of the Material. Swinxs B.V. has, accordingly, the right to unlimited but not commercial use of added/supplied Material and to exploit Material, although not through third parties.

Swinxs B.V. has the right at any time to remove or change any Material on the website.

Swinxs B.V. is not liable for any form of damage or inconvenience connected with the (use of the) Material. You indemnify Tien from any claims lodged by third parties related to the Material. You will reimburse Swinxs B.V. for any damages, costs and interests caused to Swinxs B.V. in connection liabilities to third parties connected with (the use of) the Material.


Applicable law, authorized court
Dutch law is applicable in use of the website and all conditions stated. The suitability of the Weens Koopverdrag is excluded. All conflicts connected with (the use of ) the website should be presented to the authorized court in Amsterdam.

Swinxs B.V.
Swinxs B.V. is a private partnership according to Dutch law and is registered at the Chamber of Commerce under number 17118466.
Swinxs B.V. (The Netherlands) is located at: Oudenhof 14B, 4191 NW Geldermalsen. Tel: +31 (0)88 008 4144.
Swinxs B.V. is a 100% parent company of Swinxs inc.
Swinxs inc. (USA) is located at: 101 Federal Street - Suite 1900. Boston MA, 02110. Email: info@swinxs.com

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