Swinxs Downloads

Mac OS X SwinxsLink

To connect your Swinxs on your Mac, download and install Swinxslink for Mac OS X.

The system requirements are:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.10 (Yosemite) or lower
  • Mono Version 2.10.11 or lower

You can download the Mono framework for free %s.

Download Mono

Download SwinxsLink

When connecting Swinxs to your Mac, the SwinxsLink won't automatically start. Please open the program manually. Read also the user agreement.

Beta software

Attention! The SwinxsLink for Mac OS X is still beta software and out-of-date. If you encounter problems or experience difficulties, please contact support.

  • Make sure to switch your Swinxs on first before connecting it to your Mac. Otherwise the removable Swinxs disc wonÂ’t appear on your desktop.
  • When adding music, or a personal XS sound, it is possible that the file selection dialog will appear below your browser. In that case, minimalise your browser, pick the soundbite of your choice in file selection dialog and re-open your browser.
  • When the SwinxsLink is still active, SwinxsLink will prevent you from switching off your Mac. Before switching off your system you need to quit the SwinxsLink.


If you have an intel based Mac, you can activate Microsoft Windows on it via Bootcamp by Apple or via programs like Parallels, VMware or the free Virtual Box. You can download the SwinxsLink for Windows on to these.


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